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StereoCheckRM is an iPhone/iPad application designed to compute target parameters of the Riechert-Mundinger stereotactic apparatus. It is intended to be a second-check tool, that could be used in adition to the main planning system in order to avoid human mistakes.
StereoCheckRM is also a valuable educational tool for beginners in the field of stereotaxy.

Two methods are available:
- Using two CT or MR images corresponding to the target point, which will be reached by the probe, and the trepanation point where the probe will enter the skull.
- Using one CT or MR image corresponding to the target point, and entering the value of SW and HW angles directly.

StereoCheckRM uses the frontal and lateral fiducials, and does not consider the occipital fiducial. The mathematical algorithm includes corrections for tilted and/or rotated images (rotation around X and/or Y axis) as long as nine fiducials are present in the image.

The user can get the images taking a photo of the stereo-CT or stereo-MR or entering the image into the camera roll using any available way. Considering that most modern CT equipments are able to export a JPEG version of each slide, a simple way to get the desired images into the user device is to send that JPEG images attached to an email.
Only axial (transverse) slices can be used, there is no support for coronal or sagittal views.

Version History
Version 1.0
• Two methods of calculation available: Using two images for target and entry point, or using the target image and the values of angles SW and HW.
• Corrections for tilted images with rotation around latero-lateral (X) and/or dorso-ventral (Y), as long as nine fiducials are present in the image.
• Correction for rotation around caudal-rostral axis (Z) up to 5 degrees.
• Linear image distortions are also corrected.
• Support to the following image formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PNG.
• Results can be sent by e-mail from the app. The email can be formatted in HTML or written in plain text.