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StereoCheck is an application for iPhone and iPad, designed to compute target coordinates using several stereotactic frames and models.

It is intended to be an independent verification tool that could be used in adition to the main planning system in order to avoid human mistakes. It should not be used as the primary planning or computation system.

StereoCheck is also a valuable educational tool for beginners in the field of stereotaxy.

The present version of StereoCheck has support for FiMe, Bramsys, Macom, Leksell, CRW and ZD frames. It could be used for Micromar frame too, configuring the app for a FiMe frame using “Symetric 140 mm” model.

The mathematical algorithm used by StereoCheck includes corrections for tilted and/or rotated images with rotation up to 5 degrees, as long as nine fiducials are present in the image.

The image could be a photo from the device’s camera or could be received as an e-mail attachment.

File Info
StereoCheck-User-Manual.pdf Size: 1.4M
Version History
Version 2.1
• User interface improved for iOS 7.
• New stereotactic frame included: Brainlab, from manufacturer Brainlab AG.
• Email with results now can be formatted in HTML (for better appearance and organization) or in ASCII text (for easy copy/paste operations).
• Bug removed in the exhibition of Help screen.