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MNPS system with an optional module for Radiosurgery planning.
• Support for circular collimators.
• Up to 64 isocenters and 64 dynamic radiation arcs.
• Dose-volume histogram.
• Conformity index.
• Automatic calculation of Source-Skin distance.
• 2D and 3D isodose rendering.

The radiosurgery module of MNPS-RS was developed to model dose distributions from linear accelerators (LINAC) with attached circular collimators.

MNPS-RS supports multiplanar radiosurgery, with several non-coplanar irradiation arcs. The LINAC couch is supposed to be isocentric and remains still while the irradiation of one arc progress.

MNPS-RS is a 3D system from the dosimetric and renderization point of view. Each radiation dynamic arc is modeled as a finite set of static fields. The source skin distance for each static field is computed with ray-tracing techniques inside MNPS-RS.

Recent versions of MNPS-RS includes an inverse planning tool to optimize target coverage and spare surrounding tissue and organ at risks.

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MNPS-RS includes all of MNPS features.

See the MNPS page.