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MEVIS Resources

Filters for importing images in specific diagnosis manufacturers private formats, even if they're not in DICOM format. (Not included in freeware version)

• Image conversion from such private formats to DICOM 3.0 format. (Not included in freeware version)

• Coronal and sagittal reconstructions, as long as working with axial images.

• Private algorythm for image compressing developed specifically for this system in order to lower transmission time in local networks or via Internet, as well as the necessary space in storage systems such as CD-ROM, ZIP disks, etc.

• Image presentation in both Mosaic or Full Screen modes.

• Zoom in and zoom out.

• Grey control (brightness and contrast) of active image, as well as the possibility to show it positive or negative.

• Images can be copied via clipboard or exported in JPEG format, allowing communication with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Lotus Word Pro, Adobe Pagemaker, etc.

• Coordinate reports and distance measurement over the active image.

• Area measurement and contouring of regions of interest (ROI).

• Animation of image sequences.

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